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Hammock Relaxing

Thrive Meetings will Begin Again
in August 2024.
Details coming.

Be Your Best Self
Live the Life you Imagine

Fall and Spring Sessions with biweekly meetings to support you!

Whether you're burnt out from your job, overwhelmed with juggling all the responsibilities of family life, caring for family members, or just tired from a life that isn't fulfilling. We are here to inspire you to dream of more. To imagine peace and joy. To grow your prosperity and satisfaction with yourself. To create the life you know you are meant to have. 

Using her own experience of creating her life to be fulfilling, peaceful, and prosperous, Melissa shares tips, tricks, and daily practices to help you get in touch with your deepest desires, facing your shadows, and coming clean about who you are and what you want to create in this lifetime. 

But not in one meeting! 

Transformation takes time. We practice opening to the power of meditation, healing heart energy, and cultivating compassion and self love. 

When we intend to know ourselves better;

to understand our unique desires and

share our authentic expression,

we strengthen our connection with the invisible source of love.


You are connected to the ever present unlimited source of love.

You are a living expression of the

ever present unlimited source that is love.

Your being is an individual fractual of the

ever present, unlimited source of love.


This moment in time is like no other. There is a grand cycle of energy lasting 2,160 years that shifts through phases of energetic expression. We are at the beginning phase of a new cycle, the Age of Aquarius. The previous cycle, the Age of Pisces, started just before the “birth of Christ”. These cycles contain an extraordinary amount of smaller cycles guiding the expression of quantum manifestation into form. The energies of the stars and planets meetings in constellations send vibrations through the energy of all things that have a positive impact on our mental, emotional, and physical energy whether we realize it or not. When we focus our intention, and attention, on ourselves, we magnify the energy coming to and from us. As we reprogram our unhealthy, unconscious thoughts we increase our attraction power. As we focus our minds towards love and compassion we increase the positive effects and align ourselves with love.


The nature of energy is creation, destruction and evolution.

21st century science is proving again and again that this is a quantum universe. We are still learning the properties and laws. What we know now is that we are powerful co-creators. Our actions, choices, thoughts, beliefs, emotions,and intentions have a profound effect on what manifests. The more we accept this co-creative ability, the more we can dream a new world into being. When we intentionally focus our thoughts and breath in our being, we enhance our ability to receive and transmit.

You are connected to the ever present unlimited source of love.

You are a living expression of the

ever present unlimited source that is love.

Your being is an individual fractual of the

ever present, unlimited source of love.

The more you allow these thoughts in your field,

the more you contemplate their meaning,

the more you allow them to be true,

the more you feel their truth.


Just remain open to listening.

Just be in the room.

Just close your eyes and feel your heart.





Try these quick mediations

Melissa has been developing guided meditations and contemplations for you. Check back for new meditations.

When we notice our own mind is the cause of our suffering.

We need to find the discipline to work on changing it.

Radical soul self care includes sitting, recognizing our inner voice.

Learning practices that still our monkey chatter and allow us space to feel calm and cultivate peace within ourselves.


Honoring the cycles of life, sharing the stories, ideas, skills, tips to walk the path....... when our nervous system is less reactive our mind is relaxed. 

Below is a 7 minute Earth Day Meditation Video April 22, 2024

The goal of the Thrive meetings is to help you take the time, create the practices, and build trust and love with your true authentic self to find more joy and fulfillment in your life.
Last week's meditation was a slow intentional body scan. I've included a link to the recording. Try it. Each meeting we spend 20-30 minutes in a meditation helping us to open to the energy of transformation and love.

Sometimes, we do a journey to meet and heal a part of ourselves, sometimes we practice connecting to the present moment without judgement and learning more about our bodies and our minds.
When we ground and anchor ourselves in our body, we have access to more power, creativity, and inspiration to dream our lives into being. 

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