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Community Acupuncture: Lay Back in one of our recliners and take a nap, or meditate, or just be. Or have a private treatment on a massage table. Whether you need acupuncture for pain, internal dysregulation, or stress management, our clinic is a safe space to rest, let go, and reset. Most people rest with needles for 30-45 minutes. We have a sliding scale of $20-$40 for community sessions and $50-$70 for private sessions so that you can afford to come when you need to. Schedule yourself online or text 727-401-4212 for appointment availability.

Community Sessions :$20-$40 or Private Sessions $50-$70

Melissa Lahmeyer is an LCSW and offers Counseling with or without acupuncture.

60 minute sessions $50-$70 or 90 minute sessions $80-$100

Acugraph is new technology that reads the electrical output of 12 acupoints and establishes a base line of energy flow in your body. Using the data of excess and deficiency we can tailor treatments specific to your current energetic condition. We also can watch the graph change as you get healthier!

$50 for initial consultation and scan. $25 for follow up scans.

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