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"It's a nice place to relax. All people who working there are friendly, well skilled and beautiful!!!! Such a good atmosphere in the room, makes you feel like you're in paradise"!!!! -Ellen

"Melonie has a great light touch"! - JS

"Grateful to have found this clinic. Melissa is kindhearted and understanding. I feel better after just one session of acupuncture, and am looking forward to visiting again :)" - Joanna

"Flexible pricing, Melissa is very friendly and makes you feel right at home. It is an uplifting experience". -Mel W

"I never tried acupuncture before but I heard a good things about it. Jill was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. The place is clean and the relaxing. This is a community treatment and I will definitely

recommend this place". - Queen

"Melissa is the best. Peaceful, relaxing rooms, comfortable chairs and great acupuncture. Sliding scale makes the treatment accessible for many visits. So glad she is in Largo" - Diane K.

"They are always concerned about how things are going and always have a smiling face". - Ruth

"Excellent explanation regarding acupuncture and why they do what they do!". -Marilyn

"This may be my favorite place to get acupuncture. Melissa was very knowledgeable of what my body needed, and I felt amazing after I left, I am extremely glad I found them!!!" - Shannon 

"I have been coming here for a few weeks now and I have to say the ladies that work here are nothing short of amazing!
I have high stress and anxiety and since coming here I can actually take a deep breath and zone out for a little bit of me time.
Very relaxing atmosphere. Chairs are well spaced out, music is calming. And their website is easy to make appointments. If you weren't sure about getting acupuncture, do not wait. These women are skilled and gentle! I highly recommend! 10+ stars!!!". - Jenn

"After a bad car accident, I was 20 years old and could barely walk. The lawyers didn't seam to care and the doctors just kept giving me different medications. I was tired of suffering and was open to anything that might help ease my pain.  When I first met Melissa, I was nervous and unsure if acupuncture would even work for me. I felt like Melissa was the first person who actually listened to how I was feeling and really wanted to help me get better.  After a few appointments, I already saw a difference in my health. Before I knew it, I no longer needed a cane! It's been 3 years now and I go to Melissa for everything; a headache, a cold or just to relax. I highly recommend her treatments and holistic medicine. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her." - Amber 

"Melissa was very knowledgeable regarding my plantar fasciitis. After about 5 treatments my pain was gone. Her space is very calming and healing as well as her approach to the clients she serves. I highly recommend Melissa for acupuncture services". - Alex

"There's no wait time, you're taken back right away. Melonie was great! It alleviated my sciatica! I highly recommend them!" -Janice

"This was a fantastic experience. No pain during treatment. I'm sold on this and will see you Sunday! The first time since my surgery that I have had little pain and my motion and range is so much better. Thank you." -Stephen

"I really had a great experience today with the AcuGraph reading and the acupuncture that followed. I read my AcuGraph report tonight and it was very accurate! This a really helpful tool for improving health. I hope others feel the same.". -ML

"Amazing experience every visit, leave feeling very zenful. I highly recommend making an appointment, very easy online portal". - Kristin

"Bridge is my happy place! I can't thank you all enough for providing quality, affordable acupuncture in such a nurturing & relaxing space. Highly recommend"! - Maria


"I very much appreciate the sliding-scale rates here that make it an affordable place for healing the community; it is clear that Melissa cares for her clients and believes in the work she does. I have had many beautiful, cleansing experiences here from acupuncture to reiki. Regular acupuncture worked very well for managing my crippling anxiety and centering myself in general. If you feel trapped and defeated by your anxiety please put $20 aside for yourself a week and try acupuncture. ❤️ Thank you Melissa, see you when COVID is over or sooner!" - Emma

"They share their knowledge about how acupuncture works. About how our energy can get blocked up like a road. They listen to what is bothering you, not just physical, and know where to stick you to feel better". -Jen

"I look forward to coming to my treatments and always feel better when leaving.It is a wonderfully healing space. Thank you so much for all that you do to cultivate it". - Lillian

"Three of the best acupuncturist that I have ever had work on me, and the environment is a beautiful peaceful healing environment. These three women were my soul sisters as I battled cancer they alleviated the pain, the fear and the suffering". - Pat


"I moved and was looking for community acupuncture and I'm soooo glad I found Bridge! Jill was excellent. Instead of many community acupuncture's where they give everyone pretty much the same treatment, with a few tweaks here and there, Jill really listened. The setting is really relaxing. Super easy to get to via 19. Highly recommend. Can't wait to go back!!" - Kate G

Great place to get acupuncture. They do a great job at making you feel comfortable and to heal your symptoms for recovery. - Ash

"It was so wonderful, and I feel so much better. I highly recommend Bridge Community Acupuncture". -Terry

"Wow! An amazing experience, Melissa has reduced my back pains and leg pain, only on my 3rd visit. The space is comfortable, relaxing and welcoming, most of all promotes a feeling of wellness. Thanks so much"... - Mike

"So informative. They are so knowledgeable and efficient and skilled. They really see you as a person. A very excellent experience". -Kim

Skilled professionals. Thank you for the help and pain relief. Excellent knowledge and use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Peaceful clinic to heal your mind, body, and soul. Many thanks." - Tim

Just finished our 3rd session. Very therapeutic and good for the mind and body. Melissa is wonderfully skilled and comforting through the process. Highly recommend. - R

"It's a nice place to relax. All people who working there are friendly, well skilled and beautiful!!!! Such a good atmosphere in the room, makes you feel like you're in paradise!!!!" - E



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