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May's Message

We love our daily affirmations calendar, and we especially love May's wellbeing message. Connect to the part of yourself that KNOWS how to HEAL. Your body is a whole organic being that knows how to heal itself. It is always seeking homeostatic balance and optimal state. Often when we are feeling pain and discomfort that we are unable to resolve, we lose patience with our body and our own self-healing ability. It is so easy to get lost on the hamster wheel of doctor visits, tests and imaging, labs and specialists. When we spend a lot of time managing these appointments, copays, and recommendations, without much relief, it's hard to stay optimistic. This activity and search for answers activates our fight or flight nervous system adding to our dis comfort and inability to rest and recover. Staying in a vibrational state of optimism, gratitude, trust, safety, and love is essential to true healing. Finding the balance between looking for answers and listening to your body for clues to what it needs is difficult. Give yourself permission to rest. The human body is an amazing organism that uses rest, sleep, and relaxation to heal.

When in doubt and overwhelmed by information, questions, and not knowing what to do, JUST REST. Let your body do the healing. Whenever possible come, rest, and reset your nervous system at Bridge. We are here to help. - Take Good Care.

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