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Introducing AcuGraph! See your Qi flow!

We are super excited to share our most recent expansion/upgrade!




(Melissa has been looking at this device for years and

finally has been able to make the investment)!


The AcuGraph is a digital imaging system that shows us the electrical output of specific points on each of your 12 major meridians. It allows an in-depth analysis of the state of your meridians. The exam is easy and painless as we gently touch 12 source points on your hands and feet with a probe that is measuring the electrical output of your skin.


With the AcuGraph, we get a series of graphs that give a detailed picture of the balances and imbalances of Qi (energy) in your meridians. This helps to make more informed decisions about your condition and thus give you the best possible treatment.

Plus, the AcuGraph makes it easy to track your health from one treatment to the next.

Here is a 3 minute intro video:


Below is a photo of a graph.

We will be able to print the graphs for you, provide education about channels and points and herbal and nutrition supplements. We will also be able to compare charts and see how your meridian energy is changing with treatments

and how it fluctuates over time.  


We are hopeful that this digital, visual information will increase your response time and healing capacity. And help you understand and appreciate the holistic, Chinese Medicine view we are sharing with you.


It is our hope and desire to share the value and full picture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Medical Theory with you. We believe in the power of our medicine and the value it holds for the improvement of your health and life and are excited to share it with you in a new way!


Initial Exams will be $50


Follow up exams will be $25


Acugraph initial exams will be scheduled with a private appointment. Follow up exams may be private or community.


Exam fees are in addition to appointment fees.


We are offering a 20% discount for the first 50 client's initial exams.


We are so excited to see what your graphs look like and watch what happens as you get acupuncture!


Feel free to text, email, or call with any questions. We do have a brief brochure with information on site.


Book your initial exam with us through text, email, or phone.


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