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Bridge Community Acupuncture

August 2021 News


Summer is in full swing. Melissa and family just got back from an amazing vacation exploring California with family, celebrating 50 years! Highlights include camping in Mendocino Grove, hiking among the redwoods, lounging with Kudu, Gini fowl, lemurs, and other Safari animals and the Charles Schultz museum in Santa Rosa. And finally exploring the sights and sounds of San Francisco. If you want to see a photo gallery of the adventure, you can like or follow her personal Facebook page, Melissa Lahmeyer.

(In the near future, hopefully, there will be a photo book in the clinic!)


Melissa's 50th birthday is next month. As it gets closer she is getting more focused and clear about what she wants to create in the coming year and decade. She is passionate about nurturing and growing Bridge Community Acupuncture. And inspired to build Bridge Community Health, an expansion clinic that includes more affordable and effective alternative medical treatments, supporting community in embracing holistic mind/body/spirit health. All support and best wishes welcome! 

What’s Good for the Body

We are always working to improve our knowledge and skills as acupuncturists. And we realize that healing is a multifaceted process that requires ingenuity, exploration, and patience.


We have new essential oil samples and inhalers for sale for $4 each.

We encourage you to try essential oils to help regulate your nervous system and alleviate your symptoms in between treatments.  Essential Oils, and the olfactory system in general, are an often overlooked opportunity to encourage change and healing deep within your brain and neurons.


We have a variety of CBD products. Creams, gummies, and tinctures. Including new Nano particle tinctures with other cannabinoid molecules targeted for anxiety, sleep, and pain reduction.


Additionally, we have recently partnered with Estuary Herbs, a local independent herbalists, to bring you personalized herbal formulas that can assist your healing.

Please feel free to ask about any of these products to learn more. 


What's Good for the Mind


Monday August 16th at 6:30

we will be hosting our first film viewing!


Time of the Sixth Sun is a documentary interviewing multiple indigenous leaders around the world about the changing times and the importance of embracing feminine energy and leadership in the coming epoch.


This will be the first meeting of the women's group which will resume every other Monday 7:30-8:30 starting August 16th, for 6 sessions:

(Aug 16th and 30th, Sept 13th and 27th, and Oct 11th and 25th). 

This autumn series is an open group, come when you can.

The intention of each session is to increase our awareness of our ability to heal and create the life we want through a relaxed and safe environment that encourages and deepens our relationship with ourselves and others. 


Counseling appointments will be available Mondays and Tuesdays 10-1 starting August 16th.

All counseling appointments are made

directly with Melissa by text, email,

or phone at 727-401-4212.

August is a Time of Change

We know that the last 18 months have been extremely unusual and difficult for all of us. We are very grateful that our business has survived and continued to grow. We appreciate your trust and support and always work hard to make sure we earn it. Thank you. 

As things continue to be stressful, unknown, and not ideal, please come, relax, and feel safe, whenever you can. Remember that a healthy, calm, peaceful you is your best defense for any of life's stresses and unknowns.  


August is a month of big changes for us, as parents. A new school year is about to start: New classrooms, new lessons, new routines, new experiences. We are so excited to start this school year and see what happens next.


As the clinic continues to grow, we will be working hard to grow with it. Our mission is our focus and fuels our decisions.


We are committed to creating a safe, comforting space that encourages healing for all who enter, while offering affordable and effective services that promote self care and sustainable practices to strengthen and broaden each individual's sense of well-being and joy in life.


Thank you for your support.